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  •  The institution aims to promote in pupil teachers democratic values of justice, equality, liberty and fraternity.
  •  The institution aims to promote in pupil teachers the need to strive for National Integration.
  •  The institution aims at making pupil teachers understand the roke of Teachers, responsibilities, and competencies in the community.
  •  The institution is striving to nurture and foster creativity in pupil teachers.
  •  The focus of the institution is to create interest in pupil teachers, Love for learning, Positive attitude and development of Life skills.
  •  The institution stressed on value of Integrity of Character among students.
  •  The institution aims at inculcating moral values of honesty and simplicity.
  •  The institution aims at inculcating dignity of labour and commitment to the profession.
  •  The institution aims at inculcation of universal values of truth, beauty and goodness.
  •  The institution aims at development of spiritual values among pupil Teachers